Who is really in charge in America?


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Charlotte, NC — Mainstream media outlets quickly declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Around 11:30 AM on Saturday morning, the Associated Press started the news alerts and most other outlets followed suit. While court battles loom, the mainstream media wanted the American people to really know who was in charge.

It certainly is not the American voter. Millions of Americans went to the polls nearly one week ago as divided as ever it seems. While I believe there were Americans supporting both candidates, the evidence that continues to develop tells us that there is a lot at stake for some people.

Take for example the many instances of reported voter fraud. From dead people that have voted in multiple states, to election machines altering votes, There should be a lot of concern regarding the security of our elections.

Democrats lobbied for safe and secure elections all summer as part of the coronavirus pandemic. They pushed for alternative methods of voting, failing to provide ways to secure them. It allowed them to be successful in their goals of doing whatever it took to eliminate President Trump.

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Then the mainstream media played their part as they pushed the narrative. For weeks leading up to the election, President Trump trailed Joe Biden in the polls by over 10 points. While we all argued that this was not true, it was misleading the American public on purpose.

Each and every mainstream media outlet that was reporting those poll numbers were distributing propaganda, even the once-beloved Fox News. Working with the Democrat party, they planned the ultimate takeover of the United States government. But it was not just the Democrats.

Many Republicans also contributed to the cause. Names like Romney and Bush come to mind. So does the name McConnell, who essentially sacrificed the President as part of the election.

Aside from winning a legal battle, it’s evident that Joe Biden will be given the office of President. Not by the American people per se, but rather by those who conspired to upend the American government. Even as they conspired against Americans, they left one little bit of hope.

That was left in the potential control of the Senate. Republicans appear to be in a good position to maintain control in the Senate to potentially block Biden’s agenda. Except, that’s really not the case.

You have multiple Senators in the mix that do not always vote Republican. They have often sided with Democrats on many issues. If you believe that any issue is safe as part of this potential Republican majority, you are mistaken.

These Republicans are not committed to protecting America, but rather protecting themselves. They are not committed to freedom and all that it encompasses, but rather what best so they can remain in power.

Besides, Joe Biden really does not need the Senate anyway. While he had hoped to win control of both the House and the Senate, he is committed to pushing his agenda even without Congress. Reports are that he is preparing to use executive orders to get his way.

Biden has committed that he wants to be like FDR. He wants to be the socialist savior of the United States. While he will not mention that word, socialism, he is committed to those programs and ideals. He has made those promises all throughout his campaign and will do whatever it takes to hold to them.

While our country used to be a country where elected representatives were just that, representatives of the people. This election proved that no matter the party behind the candidate’s name, they are generally out for themselves. They are generally working out of power and greed.

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Few of our elected officials appear concerned about voter fraud or the misleading information that was given to the American people. Few of our elected representatives have spoken out about the outright lies the mainstream media spewed to Americans for months ahead of this election. Seemingly, they do not care.

It seems that few, if any, on the left care about our country anymore. While we once had pride in our country, now we would rather destroy it through a dementia-stricken socialist President, and hatred towards anyone with any traits of American pride.

So no, the American voter no longer controls anything that happens in this country. Our representatives have sold us out for personal gain and our mainstream media has become so powerful they are not held accountable. Unfortunately, we may have gone too far to ever be able to recover.

The Left’s Mission To Silence Conservatives

While we wait for the election results, a picture of what Joe Biden’s America will be for conservatives continues to come into view. It’s not overly surprising, we’ve been experiencing these things for some time. It’s just going to become much, much worse in the coming days if he wins.

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