Where Will The Sickening Madness End?


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Charlotte, NC — The world that we are living in is a sick, sick place. I am certainly not telling you something that you did not already know. Sickening events have been part of our world for quite some time.

I was reminded of this long before the event that resulted in me writing this article. As I sat in church over the weekend, I heard a powerful message from 2 Samuel chapter 13 where a sick event took place. The reminder was that the world is full of sickness and you must be careful who your friends are.

The message was a strong enough one to understand that our world is a sick place and if you are not careful you will find yourself in the middle of a mess. That's where this article all started though.

After leaving the service, I sat down to lunch and began to look through the most recent news. The tragedy near Miami, the latest ridiculous moves by Biden, and the tweet below.

Seeking Truth Matters on Twitter: “Wi Spa Los Angeles.Woman drops truth bombs after she saw a transgender (but officially a male) walking around a women's day spa with his penis out in front of children. pic.twitter.com/FCYfiy5LO6 / Twitter”

Wi Spa Los Angeles.Woman drops truth bombs after she saw a transgender (but officially a male) walking around a women's day spa with his penis out in front of children. pic.twitter.com/FCYfiy5LO6

Yes, a man went into a woman's spa in Los Angeles, claiming to be a woman, while he walked around exposing himself. The woman stood up for her rights, as she explained in the video. What happened was nothing short of absolutely sickening and should have never happened.

It's exactly what the conservatives all said as the transgender movement began many years ago. As North Carolina started their battle over HB2, the radical left said that the claims that were being made were ridiculous and unwarranted. We were told it was all in the name of equality and their rights to express themselves.

We started seeing unisex bathrooms, bathrooms where they signified transgenders were welcome, and even bathrooms that were only applicable to those who claimed to be transgender. It was the start of the attempts to change the way we think about something as simple as the bathroom.

The radical left has continued their assault to redefine everything in life and the results are absolutely sickening. It should never be acceptable for a male to walk into a women's locker room exposing himself to the women that are inside. The woman claims that young girls were in the locker room. The man deserves to be in jail.

He is not a woman as he claims. He is a biological male that is a sick and perverted individual. Did I mention that he deserves to be in jail? Just because this man claims to be a woman does not give him a free pass on exposing himself to the women in the locker room.

What's even worse is that the business sided with him. Why? Cancel culture and the sue-happy culture of our society of course. Had they took a stand against him and his actions, they would have been violating his rights for expressing himself as a woman. In heavily blue California, this would no doubt be labeled a hate crime and the business would be shut down.

So in the name of equal rights and “love” we must accept that a grown man can simply walk into a locker room full of women exposing himself without any recourse for the crime.

How absolutely sickening our world has become. But what's worse, the radical left continues to come to the defense of those involved in these mindless actions.

As the video made its rounds on Twitter, multiple responses made comments that without knowing what was going on, no one could make a judgment call. Others defended the man saying he had a right to the gym just like the women. He has a right to use a gym, a male gym, where he does not expose himself to females.

Those who cannot see the sickening act here are part of the problem. But it highlights that our nation has more than just a red versus blue problem. Our nation has a morality problem, where many around this country lack the common sense to see how this act should be a crime and not a celebration of transgender rights.

Where will the sickening madness end? Will our nation ever find a way out of this progressive heap of dung that Joe Biden and the radical left are turning our nation into? I would like to say I hope so, but videos like this one give me a lot of doubt.

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