Where Is Joe Biden for the People of Texas?


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Austin, TX — Over the past few days, we have heard tragic stories out of the state of Texas where the residents have suffered at the hands of extremely cold weather. Millions lost power and there was little that could have been done to avoid the situation as it happened. That certainly did not stop anyone on the Left from using it as an opportunity to attack anyone across the political aisle.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was one that found himself squarely in the crosshairs because of a trip to Cancun. Cruz left Houston’s airport for Mexico with his family. As the story goes, he was off work for the week, his kids were out of school for the week, and they decided, as many other Americans do, to take a vacation. The Left had a significant issue with his vacation.

They accused Cruz of deserting the people of Texas. They brought in protesters to be at the Cruz home once he returned the very next day to call for his resignation. They said that Cruz and conservatives were responsible for what was happening in Texas. I think many of us were surprised to learn that Ted Cruz and the political right have control over the Texas power grid and Mother Nature.

They have said that Cruz could be doing so much more for the state of Texas. They related to Beto O’Rourke’s food drives that he had done. They spoke of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raising around $1 million for Texas. Neither of those moves addressed the power issue, the heat issue, or the ridiculousness of the Left’s complaints.

Many on the opposite side, myself included, have talked about how the Democrats and legacy media are simply ignoring things to attack Ted Cruz. They ignored the Gavin Newsom situation when he violated his own orders to enjoy a social dinner. They ignored Nancy Pelosi’s hair appointment when it was illegal to conduct such activities. Now, They are ignoring the coronavirus deaths in nursing homes in New York.

The other piece that I think is being ignored is where is President Joe Biden? He made a big statement that he was willing to work relentlessly for the state of Texas to get them what they needed but has done nothing. If this were President Donald Trump, he would already be under scrutiny for not responding to the crisis yet.

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Tonight, I called Governor Greg Abbott to discuss the ongoing situation in Texas and identify ways we can support the state’s recovery from this storm. I made clear to the Governor that I’ll work relentlessly to get his state what they need. pic.twitter.com/UBwH8DMep2

The political left does not want to actually help people. After all, if they were all interested in helping, they could simply jump in their cars and drive down to Texas and help. Instead, they would rather point fingers and use the unfortunate incident as a means to attack conservatives. They are more interested in an emotional response than actual solutions.

In his first major regional event as President, Joe Biden has proven how he will handle those events. He will remain silent, allowing the legacy media and his radical dogs of Congress to attack, while he sits back and thinks over how he can continue to destroy the economy and American exceptionalism.

Immediately after winning the election, Joe Biden said that he did not see red states or blue states, but rather United States. He said that he wanted to be the President of all Americans. He was pushy with his message of unity and bipartisanship.

If this were President Donald Trump in office, he would already be facing an impeachment inquiry because he did not federalize the response to the cold weather. He would be facing relentless attacks for doing nothing, with the exception of a phone call to say “we’re here if you need us.” That’s the difference in the response to a Democratic President.

By the Left’s own standard, President Biden has already failed the people of Texas and the Midwest that suffered through this crisis. By their own standards, he should have responded quickly and handled the situation. Instead, he simply made a phone call and has escaped any scrutiny for doing so.

No One Is Talking About The Left

This week, the continued ignorance of the Left was on full display once again. The legacy media and Democrats have decided to go full force after Sen. Ted Cruz. It seems they believe Ted Cruz is responsible for the power and heat of the entire state of Texas.  They want to compare the Cruz situation to other situations, like when Cruz was critical of Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

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