What Happens to Biden if the Migrant Caravan Reaches the US? His Options Suggest Nothing Good


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Charlotte, NC — As you’re aware, there is a migrant caravan moving toward the United States southern border and has been for the past few weeks. However, it’s currently stuck in Guatemala, but another one has arisen and is on its way North.

At present, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to have a plan for it. What’s worse, it appears the former Vice President, a man who hammered former President Trump for his tough stance on immigration, doesn’t have too many good options from which to choose.

Recently, Breitbart reported that a large group of migrants, most likely seeking asylum in the United States, were spotted heading north via a rail route known as La Bestia. The train departed Tierra Blanca, Guanajuato, and will likely arrive at the U.S.-Mexico Border within days, according to Breitbart Texas sources.

Clearly, this means the Biden administration might soon have serious problems on their hands when the group reaches the border. Members of the first caravan, which originated in Honduras, stated that they decided to make the trek because they believed the new president would make it easier for them to enter the country. These caravans stopped once the former president worked with the Mexican government to stop the caravans at their southern border.

Biden’s administration has issued warnings to those traveling to the border telling them to wait until they put policies in place. As if that’s going to deter them. Nevertheless, the migrants remain undeterred and the president will have to deal with the issue sooner rather than later.

The first option the administration will have would be to continue former President Donald Trump’s policies for the time being while they work on their own approach. This would involve detaining migrants in the same facilities they criticized under Trump. There’s no chance they follow through with this.

The administration will be reopening the facilities used to house the children of illegal immigrants seeking to gain entry into the U.S. The activist media, which savaged President Trump for keeping children in these buildings, has already started to alter their propaganda practices to accommodate President Biden’s hypocrisy. Instead of using the term “kids in cages,” which was one of their favorites under the Trump administration, they are saying “migrant children.” In fact, they may never reference cages again under Biden.

This might prove to be a viable option as Psaki has proven to be a pathological liar but we’ll have to circle back to her. If the White House went in this direction, they could pretend they are working around the clock to figure out a viable solution for the migrants. But in the end, they will probably allow them to go through the same process that Trump laid out.

An additional option would be to send every one of the migrants home as it’s clear the administration doesn’t have a solution at present. As your laughter subsides, we clearly know this isn’t going to happen as it would anger the alt-Left throw open the borders crowd.

But the last option could involve a mix between the strength of Trump’s policies or going back to the “catch and release” days of the Deporter in Chief, Obama administration. It’s likely too soon to transition back to “let them all in” type of policies that were the rule of thumb back in the pre-Trump days. Despite knowing a lot of Americans may not have agreed with all of Trump’s immigration policies, they certainly supported his overall stance.

If Biden returns to the way things have always been done, it will bring about significant criticism from moderates, every day Americans who don’t wish to see the border to become an intrastate thoroughfare between multiple sovereign nations in Central America and the United States to whoever wants to enter the US. This will prove Biden, much like his Covid plan right now, doesn’t have any new solutions. Biden said during his campaign for president he would release a ‘seven-point plan’ to ‘beat COVID-19’ but said on the very first day of his presidency that “it’s going to take time. It’s going to take a heck of a lot of time. We’re still going to be dealing with this issue in the — in early fall.”

However, suppose the president keeps Trump’s policies in place. In that case, it will reveal him for the hypocrite he is after having called his predecessor a xenophobe and racist because of his immigration policies. It will also show that he was not serious when he pushed the “kids in cages” narrative. Even worse, he would get slammed by the progressive faction of the Democratic Party.

Biden seems to be in an awkward situation here and, for a man who has shot his mouth off bashing former president Trump despite getting results, the current president is going to have to pull a plan out of one of Fauci’s double masks. No matter what he does people aren’t going to like it. The legacy media won’t be able to save him from the criticism that will come his way despite how valiantly you know they’ll try.

This will be one of the first examples of his ineptitude and will likely carry on in the future.

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