What happened to privacy?


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Fort Worth, TX — Remember when you walked into a doctor’s office and the front desk person asked you to fill out paperwork for your visit?

Remember when the paperwork consisted of giving consent to tell your love one what your medical outcome was?

That little thing called HIPAA, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Yes, It’s been around now for 25 years.

Isn’t it convenient that the Government, under Democrat leadership, wants to show up at your door and convince (mandate) that you take a vaccine that has less of an effective rate than your own immune system?

What is the Government doing?

Let me explain.

To receive the vaccine you have to show the medical facility your ID. That same ID that the Democrat leadership says is racist if used for voting. After that you are put into a database so that the Government can keep track of you. That my friend is called a ‘registry’.

The left has wanted to do this for years with gun owners. It’s all above board they tell you. They just want to keep track of all of the mean, evil, scary guns they say. In the process you're giving vital information (health) to an apparatus that wants to control your every action.

President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that he would be sending officials out to knock on people’s doors across America to pressure them to take the vaccine.

Why would someone need to be pressured to take a vaccine?

While we’re on the topic of your privacy, How can the Government disregard your Fourth Amendment rights?

The Constitution, through the Fourth Amendment, protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.

What gives the Government the right to search through your medical records? You have the right to privacy. How would the Government know, without searching through your medical history, that you weren’t vaccinated?

We are heading down a slippery slope. The slope that the Government wants to flatten. The ever mindless liberals that pray to the alter of Government would gladly turn over their rights for crumbs fed back to them.

All in the name of Fear Porn. The Government takes a crisis, turns it into something bigger than it ever was and then forms a bureaucracy to fix the problem.

Believe me when I tell you. The Government isn’t the answer. You are. Without you, Government doesn’t exist.

Matt Locke is the host of The Matt Locke Show, and frequently appears on OANN, Newsmax, and more. You can find more from Matt on his website or listen to his shows on his page on our site.

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