TURLEY: Warren Fueling Class Warfare with Wealth Redistribution Ideas


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Charlotte, NC — In his latest oped, law professor Jonathan Turley once again stirred controversy regarding the radical wealth redistribution plans of the Left. He took it as far as tying the radical ideas of “eating the rich” to philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau prior to the reign of terror.

Turley specifically wrote about the radical ideas of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Warren, along with other “socialists” like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have been advocating for the redistribution of the wealth of the rich across America. Specifically, Warren has claimed she can seize $3 trillion from the rich over the next decade.

Turley explains that the proposal of Warren to tax net worth is simply not Constitutional. The federal government has the right to tax someone for their income, but not their net worth. Warren wants to impose a tax of 2% of someone’s net worth for anyone worth over $50 million. She wants to impose an additional 1% tax on anyone worth over $1 billion.

Turley explains that the move is unconstitutional, but also that individuals with this kind of worth are not stationary objects, meaning that they could simply up and leave at any time. Of course, Pocahontas has a plan for that as well.

As Turley explains, it’s essentially a captivity tax, where a person is taxed 40% of their net worth for just wanting to leave. In other words, you are captive to the United States if you have any amount of money, unless you are willing to pay to leave the regime. That certainly does not sound like freedom.

Those who have the money are the ones that are creating jobs and investing in the United States. Turley explains that those who would be subject to such a tax would simply leave before the tax was put in place and refuse to invest in the United States in the future. Of course, economic destruction is the plan of the Democrats.

Turley’s most interesting point came at the end of the article. In his last paragraph, he said:

But the problem with a Rousseauian diet is that it is as addictive as it is rich. It relieves politicians of responsibility for uncontrolled spending by fueling a type of class warfare. It all may collapse in court, but that is years — and trillions of dollars — down the road.

Those words could not ring more true. The methods that the Left wants to use to try to pay for their wasteful spending are not going to satisfy their thirst for power and redistribution. They will not be satisfied until they have full control over the US economy, much like their Chinese role models.

Turley’s comments set Twitter ablaze with radicals repeating the same left-wing rhetoric and rallying cries. They said these people deserve to pay their fair share and that they can afford to pay more unlike others. All of these people are subject to federal income tax just like everyone else.

You cannot tax your way into prosperity. The Left can do all they want to try to “eat the rich” but it will never solve their infatuation with socialism and power. The problem is not to continue to fund the size of government. Not only are the methods unconstitutional, but they are grossly irresponsible.

Instead, we should be focused on how we can remove government from the equation and allow people to be successful. Capitalism works, as many of those in Congress have learned throughout the years through the speaking engagements, book deals, and more they have all benefited from. The problem is they want to keep all that for themselves, forcing the rest of the country into government submission and control.

Socialism is not a means to help the people achieve greatness, it’s a means to help the elites achieve control and submission. If Congress was truly focused on helping Americans, they would actually legislate in a manner that helps Americans. Instead, they are focused on how they can keep you under their control and punish anyone who may want out.

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For identity politics, there is no surer bet than attacking the “super rich.” Since philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau spoke of “eating the rich” before the Reign of Terror, politicians have had an insatiable appetite for class warfare politics.https://t.co/nBIE0zW0iJ

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