There Is No Sympathy For This Bad Decision


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Chicago, IL — On Monday, The New York Times ran an article that attempted to garner some sympathy for Rep. Adam Kinzinger. Kinzinger, a six-term congressman from Illinois, is one of the few Republicans who has stood with Democrats against President Donald Trump and other controversial figures in the party. In the article, the Times attempted to win the hearts of Americans over to Kinzinger’s side for the “lonely mission” that he has begun.

The article outlines his background, almost making Kinzinger sound like a hero for his actions. It spoke of his military service, which anyone can appreciate, but in the context it was used it was to build sympathy for him. Sympathy for his bad decision-making.

The article goes on to share how his family sent him a handwritten note after his comments on the Capitol riots and calls to remove Trump from office. The two-page note was signed by multiple family members and they accused him of being a partner to the Democrats. Which is exactly what Kinzinger is doing. The letter called him an embarrassment to the family and their family name.

The family has called for Kinzinger to be shunned for his decision, which is what it appears that many in the Republican party are willing to do. Kinzinger has many calling for primary challengers to line up for the 2022 elections. In another article, he has said he is willing to accept the fate that he may lose his position for standing up to President Donald Trump and Trump supporters.

The truth is, the mission that Kinzinger has taken on is not really a lonely one at all. It’s an irresponsible and ridiculous one.

Kinzinger is proposing that Republicans move back to a George W Bush style party, one that is more socially moderate and acceptable across the aisle. In other words, he wants typical establishment corruption to continue between both parties in Washington, DC.

He said that those who wrote the letter in his family suffer from brainwashing from conservative churches, mirroring attacks from the Left against Evangelical Christians in recent days. The one that is suffering from brainwashing is not his family, but Kinzinger himself, who appears to have fallen prey to the nonstop, left-wing media attacks. He went as far as telling the NY Times that he is considering a party change over the summer, further proving that he is just another fake Republican.

Anytime the Left finds a hero in a Republican, they attempt to run these stories that make them appear to be a martyr. They want to garner sympathy for them in an attempt to help them appeal to the masses but no one is falling for this one. Not one single person is falling for the “feel good” story about how Kinzinger was a martyr for doing the right thing.

He, along with every other Republican that voted to impeach Trump, made a bad decision. They made a decision to go along with another ridiculous waste of time by Democrats who are infatuated with hating President Donald Trump. Unable to impeach him, they are now launching another long investigation of him in an attempt to continue to keep the focus on Trump. They need the American people focused on how “horrible” Trump was to ignore all the irreparable damage that they are going to do.

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