The Difference in Left and Right News Stories


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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday we all witnessed an absolute failure of mainstream news sites across the country. Main news organizations spent hours covering Sen. Ted Cruz taking a one night vacation to Cancun, Mexico with his family. Something that should have never been a news headline at all garnered countless hours of coverage.

Cruz did return the next day to Texas, where he was met with protesters at his home and calls for his resignation. He was forced to make a public statement about how a vacation was a horrible idea and appear on Sean Hannity later in the evening to explain. Here’s the video of his press conference statements.

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Sen. Ted Cruz, back in Texas, says it was “obviously a mistake” to go to Cancun.You can hear protestors chanting “Resign!” in the background.

Now to be clear, Ted Cruz truthfully has no control over the power grid in Texas, power restoration in Texas, or even the cold weather. Cruz, like millions of others in Texas, is simply sitting there attempting to stay warm. The Left certainly accomplished something through their attacks on him, didn’t they? Ted Cruz did not make one decision in the middle of the Texas weather crisis that caused any harm to the people of Texas.

Then you have the completely opposite side of the aisle, where NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a decision that led to the deaths of thousands in his state. The governor chose to force long-term care facilities to take COVID-positive patients, which resulted in the spread of COVID-19 and thousands of deaths.

You would think that they would be rioting outside the home of Andrew Cuomo. You would think that news trucks would be permanently placed outside his home asking for his resignation. After all, his decision led to thousands of deaths and countless situations of pain and suffering to the citizens of his state. In the Cruz case, there was nothing Cruz could have done as he was not in power or control over the decisions in Texas.

Mainstream media outlets continue to ignore the Cuomo scandal. Fox News ran an article discussing the amount of time outlets were giving to the scandal. ABC gave four times the amount of coverage to the Cruz vacation as it did the Cuomo failure. NBC News gave double the time to the Texas Senator’s trip. CNN also ran with the Ted Cruz story while you will find little coverage of the Cuomo scandal.

There is a clear difference in the news stories that you will find between the left and right sides of the political aisle. On the conservative side, they choose to look at facts, logic, and reasoning. On the liberal side, they are more concerned with fairy tales and emotionally charged discussions that will incite people to action.

It also shows how the Left has successfully turned everyone against each other. Neighbors and friends of the Cruz family turned against them, sharing text messages where the family had invited them to go along with them. The mainstream media has created an environment where if you are conservative, you cannot have friends.

Time and again the mainstream media ignores the facts and relevant situations to chase emotionally charged rhetoric to incite backlash against conservatives or riots across the country. They drive a narrative that conservatives are not concerned about “everyday Americans” as in the case of Ted Cruz, while a Democrat can literally kill thousands and it is simply swept under the rug.

I believe that a free press is vitally important to our nation, but we no longer have a free press. We have a press filled with left-wing radical activists that are pushing a political agenda. They will set in motion an emotionally-charged response to a conservative who takes a vacation during a crisis he has no control over while ignoring the death sentence that a Democratic governor made for his citizens.

CNN Isn’t News But Rush Limbaugh’s Passing Is

In a recent NY Post article, it is shared that CNN has put a lid on Chris Cuomo. The brother to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no longer allowed to cover his brother. He cannot talk about him, interview him, or anything of the sort.

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