Race Hustlers Still Hustling After Chauvin Verdict


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Minneapolis, MN — After the jury verdict came in convicting former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin of second- and third-degree murder as well as second-degree manslaughter for death of George Floyd last spring, two well known “reverends” found their way to the cameras.

The consummate race pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton found the microphones to remind America of the agenda, racial division. To be clear, these media whores are nothing but profiteers of division. They do not care about Floyd and they don’t desire justice against Chauvin, they simply are making money which was flaunted by Sharpton showing up to Minneapolis in his private jet.

Some may think the guilty verdict will calm protests and riots down, but Sharpton made it clear “the war and fight is not over” as well as Jackson stating “police killing people is getting away with legal lynching.”

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said after the verdict that he was “glad (Chauvin) was found guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges. I’m glad that he’s guilty of all charges, because I want a verdict that keeps this country from going up in flames.”

The feigning gasps from his co-hosts was amusing, but this is America where at least we still have at least the pretense of free speech and free thought. Gutfeld certainly has the right to his opinion that maybe Chauvin wasn’t guilty of all charges. Where he goes wrong, however, is the naïve thought that this will end the chaos and the violence perpetrated by the race mobs.

Disregard any peaceful protesters, who I will always defend their rights whether I agree with their message or not, it’s the race hustlers and pimps who call themselves “leaders,” like Maxine Waters and the openly Marxist BLM movement. It’s the violent rioters and looters, and it’s the big lie of racism pushed by the media and politicians that need to be confronted.

These people are not concerned with justice, they are not concerned with police reform. They are only concerned with complete power and control over the rest of us, both control over us physically and mentally.

Just look at New York after the verdict came down when BLM “activists” heckled peaceful people dining outside, one heckler shouting “we don’t want your f***ing money… owned by f***ing white men.”

Remember in August when Sen. Rand Paul and his wife were surrounded by “protesters” demanding he “say her name,” referring to Breonna Taylor? The “protesters” apparently weren’t well read considering Paul, a Republican, introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act months earlier. Those “protesters” weren’t seeking justice, they were seeking political power.

The issue is the mainstream media will inundate the public with endless coverage any time a Black person is killed by police making local stories into national news. They do this to push the racial narrative to help the race pimps profit. They proclaim it always as racism without presenting facts. They ignore all other cases when citizens are killed by police.

I’ll leave it for every individual to make up their own mind on Chauvin. However, the reality is that Chauvin may have been guilty of murder and had no racial motivations at all.

As Eric Peters wrote: “George Floyd didn’t get a knee because his killer was a racist. He got it because his killer is an armed government worker…. An authoritarian…. The distinction is important.”

Hey Jackson and Sharpton, Waters and BLM, say these names: Daniel Shaver, LaVoy Finicum, James Boyd, Joseph Hutcheson, Tony Timpa, Karen Garner and Terry Wright.

You all may be forgiven for not knowing their names, after all, these are all white citizens who have been killed or forcefully harmed in at best questionable actions by police.

The silence from the race hustlers on these cases speaks loudly. They don’t want police reform. They want control.

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