Press Sec Psaki Confirms Biden Taking Orders From Obama


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Charlotte, NC — In her press briefing on Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed what we all suspected for the past several months. President Joe Biden is taking orders directly from former President Barack Obama. The revelation came as a reporter asked the question how frequently Obama and Biden were speaking since Biden entered the White House.

Psaki stated that she could confirm that Biden and Obama speak regularly on a wide range of issues. It came as Obama was meeting to speak with healthcare officials on the anniversary of signing his namesake, the Obamacare healthcare law.

Psaki was asked if Obama had visited the White House, but she said that the discussions that Biden and Obama would potentially have could be held by phone. She said that such interactions could be expected to continue throughout Biden’s presidency.

Psaki’s comments can be heard after the 31-minute mark of the video below.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing | 3/22/2021

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing. #FoxBusinessSubscribe to Fox Business! more Fox Business Video: https://v…

In her comments, she said that if Biden had been at the White House, the press would have known because he is a recognizable figure. Except, the media has been kept in the dark about the visitors to the White House. Biden’s administration has notably been nontransparent on who has visited the White House and the actions of the President and his team.

Psaki also said that she could not give a number as far as how much they speak, but that both teams are regularly speaking. Which only means one thing, Obama is back in charge of the White House. Which is exactly as Obama wanted it.

Just last year, he was delighted when asked by late-night show host Stephen Colbert about a potential third term. He said that he missed aspects of the presidency and would be willing to serve a third term if he could just tell someone what to say and do. This is exactly what he is doing with President Biden it seems. He is simply joining Biden on the phone and telling him what to say and do.

It’s very apparent that Biden needs someone to help him as he struggles to complete sentences. Half the time, he cannot even remember that he is the President and refers to President Kamala Harris. Someone had to be calling the shots for him behind the scenes. Thankfully, Psaki ended the mystery of who was calling the shots.

Obama has made recent comments that he expects Biden and Harris to reverse the negative actions that Trump took against his legacy and to continue the progressive push across America. He said that he believed Americans were still progressive at heart and that there would be no issues continuing the radical movement he started.

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