Our Nation Looks More Like the CCP Than the USA


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Charlotte, NC — Near the end of the week, Tucker Carlson shared with everyone his exclusive findings of how Bank of America was targeting anyone that could have been in DC for the Capitol riots. In his report, Carlson shared that the banking giant had specifically targeted a profile of individuals without that person’s knowledge and provided that information to federal law enforcement.

Yes, one of the largest financial institutions in the country acted as an intelligence agency, collecting data on Americans without their knowledge and willingly provided it to federal law enforcement. It could be the largest willful invasion of privacy by a corporation in US history.

While Bank of America took silent action and tried to hide it, many others did not. Ahead of the day, many companies decided to refuse to do business with anyone in and around DC because of the planned rally. It was an effort to keep Trump supporters away but also highlights the bigger concern here.

Carlson shared an article from The New York Times that described how encrypted messaging apps were a potential concern for misinformation and should probably be stopped to prevent criminals from using them. In other words, the big advocacy is that no one deserves any privacy anymore.

That is certainly what the Democrats were advocating for after the chaos at the Capitol. They specifically asked hotel and car rental chains to help identify those who may have participated in the riots.

You better believe they already obtained the names of passengers on all airline flights in and out of DC during that time too.

Now a lot of people will jump on this and say that this is a major issue for conservatives. I’m certainly not denying that fact. It is a direct attack on conservatives.

It’s more than just an attack on conservatives, however. This is a major issue that should be of concern for any American.

This goes beyond any collection of phone records, which became a big issue under the Obama administration in 2015. That was logging phone calls and interactions of Americans without their knowledge and was conducted by the NSA. This is the direct monitoring of American financial transactions and whereabouts by private companies, at the encouragement of the federal government.

Perhaps you cannot see the issue, but this is exactly what happens in communism.

In 2018, The Atlantic ran a story that described just these types of events in China. It described how you were monitored by private businesses and the government and were rated based on your trustworthiness. That “citizen score” would allow you to receive perks. That is, if you were a more compliant citizen.

If you bucked the system, well that could land you in trouble. It could prevent you from travel, shopping, social media, or more. That sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it?

This is not solely Democrats that are pushing forward with this mission, but many Republicans are supporting it too. Freedoms that we once enjoyed are slowly being stripped away in the favor of “public health” and “safety.”

Democrats will do nothing to stop the movement toward this massive government surveillance program. It would not surprise me that they do not enact something similar to the Golden Shield Project from China as described above. They have no desire to maintain freedom after all.

So sure, while it’s specifically targeting conservatives right now, it should be a concern for all Americans. Are we simply willing to give up our freedoms in favor of our government acting like communists? That simply cannot be the case.

Freedom in the United States is too fragile at this moment. While today we may make the argument that we are fighting for conservative values, we are actually fighting for all Americans.

I think we all realize that our freedom is only going to come under more attacks in the Biden Administration. Perhaps it is just one executive order away from being eliminated altogether.

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