New York Gov. Cuomo Has Got To Go!


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Albany, NY — Over the last few days, the scandals involving New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have gotten much worse. It was bad enough that he sentenced thousands to death with his decisions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Then, he took steps to cover it up and hide it. Thousands of New Yorkers lost family members amid the pandemic that was directly caused by Cuomo’s bad decisions.

Of course, the Governor seems to have no issue with hurting anyone’s feelings. Take for example the now seven women who have accused him of sexual misconduct and harassment. The latest was a member of the mainstream media, the same mainstream media that so quickly comes to the defense of Democrats. But not this time. This time, the reporter shares firsthand how Cuomo sexually harassed her.

She shared that she was never asked for sex, but the actions that Cuomo took were certainly sexual harassment. The Governor has maintained his innocence. He claims that he has done nothing wrong and apologized if things were taken the wrong way. That’s no longer acceptable in this situation though.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that the governor absolutely performed these acts. I was not there, but there are a lot of vivid details that would easily lead you to believe that they were. Exact dates, locations, events, and photos have all corroborated the stories of these ladies. I am not saying that the Governor deserves to go to jail yet, although he could if he is found to have violated laws amid these actions.

What I am saying is that the Governor has not been accused by one situation and one claim. This is now seven women who have spoken out, all in detail about their interactions with the governor, which were inappropriate. If this were a private-sector job, he would have already been fired after just one or two accusations like this. Instead, it took six women for the New York state assembly to suggest they would look into an impeachment investigation.

Even more sickening, it took seven women for US representatives from New York and the two Senators from New York to all come out and say he should resign. If all women deserved to be heard and believed, why did it take so many for them to act? It’s because the Left always has a problem with the accountability of their own. Were this former President Trump, his impeachment trial would have started after accusation two. They would have continued to mount impeachment charges for each woman that spoke out.

Instead, it took seven women to speak out against the New York Governor before they acted and called on him to resign. This is not about cancel culture, politics, or anything else as Cuomo has claimed. He said that anyone calling on him to resign was acting reckless and dangerous.

What is reckless is leaving this man in office after all these complaints. He has caused women to change jobs, file formal complaints, file criminal complaints, and more. How is it that he is still in office? That’s right, it’s because he is a Democrat.

Across our country, we heard chants last year about Black Lives Matter and how racism has got to go. The time has come, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has got to go.

We cannot sit idly by while Democrats, the party who claims to promote women’s rights, openly attacks women by refusing to acknowledge the issue. Cuomo could have just resigned and left with what little bit of dignity he had left a few weeks ago. Now, he is well on his way to being forced out of office. Even CNN admitted Friday his chances of remaining in office are almost gone.

Gov. Cuomo, do the right thing and step aside. While you may think your actions were acceptable, they clearly were not to these women. You violated their personal space, their trust, and New Yorkers deserve better.

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