Democrats Need to Stop Lecturing On Delegitimizing Elections


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Charlotte, NC — The media and Democrats are ticked. While that might not be unusual, they now believe President Trump is delegitimizing the results of the 2020 election.  This is really quite something since the final results aren’t in and we aren’t sure if Trump has lost.  With each passing hour, Arizona continues to surprise, with the President keeping pace for what he would need to flip the state.

Regardless, seeing the frustration with Trump’s most recent presser where he complained about possible fraud, I was taken aback by the complete lack of self-awareness.

I’m old enough to remember, because I’m more than four years old when the left and their media allies spent the entire Trump first term proclaiming that Russia stole the 2016 election with magical Facebook memes.

If there was ever a group that should sit this discussion out, it’s these conspiratorial partisans.

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Yes, the president being a Russian operative is far more likely than Philadelphia engaging in some voter fraud. Go with that.

Rules for thee but not for me, right?

If you recall David French, who bought nearly every Kremlin-backed misinformation campaign about Trump stealing the 2016 election, suddenly deciding that it’s really, really awful to question the results of an election.

But Hillary Clinton not accepting the result of the 2016 election four years later isn’t problematic or hypocritical at all.

Stupidly, he argued that “Trump had very low energy, pathetic (and yet still dangerous) festival of conspiracy theories and lies. He reaffirmed five long years of opposition to his dreadful demagoguery with every syllable.”

French will have no future in a post-Trump Republican party because he in no way reflects most of its voters.  The media betters are behaving as though the Republic is going to collapse is going to topple because the president had the audacity to point out the obvious.  These jokers really need to calm down, lighten up, and take a moment of self-reflection.

Other Leftists felt Trump’s press conference did more to undermine our democracy than four years of Democrats and the media screaming that Donald Trump was a Russian asset controlled by Putin, you’re delusional.

I’m not sure of a lot of things, but I’m positive the country will not only survive but be completely unaffected by the fact that the President isn’t folding like some on the right demand their politicians do.

Anyone in the GOP who is considering a run for president four years from now better speak up now or they’re likely to be ignored later.  It’s the time to fight with every tool left to fight with until this is officially over.

The reality is that nothing Trump said in his presser recently or in the past comes close to harming our electoral process in the way that the media, the left, and some on the right did by pushing the Steele Dossier.

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Trump didn’t steal the 2016 election by colluding with Putin regardless of what the media wants to believe.  Anyone who pushed that garbage doesn’t get to stand up now and pretend to be a protector of norms and savior of the Republic.

Ultimately, the party of Russian hysteria and “the election was stolen by Facebook memes” do not get to lecture the American people on delegitimizing elections.

Whoever wins will win. Our republic is not at stake because Trump got mad.

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