Democrats Appear to Have Won the Case Against Trump in Public Opinion


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Charlotte, NC — While President Donald Trump’s impeachment case is over, the Democrats will simply not let it go. Democrats are pushing for a 9/11 style probe into the Capitol riots, while Republicans are saying that Trump may face criminal charges in the court system after his actions. One thing is certain, the name of Trump is not going away anytime soon.

While Democrats lost the case in the Senate, a new poll shares that Democrats may have won the case that they wanted after all. In the poll, 58% of Americans surveyed said that President Donald Trump deserved to be convicted of his actions in inciting violence at the Capitol.

While the poll seems to indicate that the majority of Americans believe Trump is guilty, it’s not clear that they would change the outcome. The same poll shows that 49% of Americans agree with the Senate outcome, while 47% do not agree with the final outcome.

The feelings about the impeachment were largely viewed along party lines, as would be expected. The key demographic in the poll that Democrats may have influenced was that of the independents. Of those surveyed, 65% of independents believed Trump’s actions warranted a trial, while 64% believe he should have been convicted.

Democrats turned the impeachment trial into a trial over emotions, rather than one about facts. Democrats used edited videos to argue for the conviction, while Trump’s attorneys used videos supported by facts to build an entirely different case.

Even though Trump was acquitted, the majority of Americans believe he is guilty based on the polling information. That was the ultimate goal of the Democrats. They knew they were not going to be able to convict Trump, they simply wanted to damage him and attempt to keep him out of office in the future. That was the only possible outcome if he were convicted in the Senate anyway.

They knew that if they could sway public opinion on President Donald Trump, it would place Republicans in a precarious spot going into mid-term elections. Democrats are convinced that they can maintain the House majority and pick up a couple of seats in the Senate, giving them the ability to get rid of the filibuster and force through their radical agenda.

Unfortunately, many played right into the hands of the Democrats and now believe that Trump deserves conviction and that Republicans who did not support conviction are part of the problem. For Republicans to avoid any type of shellacking in 2022, they better start to change the narrative quickly.

Democrats will begin this commission and they will intend for this to dominate the headlines until the next election cycle begins. Long enough to keep it in the minds of voters. The entire time, President Biden will be continuing to rule by executive order. When was the last time that you heard a Republican speak out about that?

Joe Biden made promises of unity and bipartisanship throughout his campaign. It’s time to call his bluff and take the argument to the American people that he is doing anything other than unifying. He is acting as a dictator and the leader that Democrats tried to say that Trump wanted to be.

If there is no push back and fight over the public narrative, not only do the 2022 elections look bad, but the future of our country looks even worse.

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Former President Donald Trump was acquitted for a second time on Saturday with a 57-43 vote in the Senate. While the acquittal is not surprising, there are several key details in the case that we must take a closer look at.

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