Dementia Joe Biden Forgets What He Said About China — Again!


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Charlotte, NC — Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but Joe Biden forgot what Joe Biden once said. Regardless, it’s concerning for a variety of reasons especially considering we are only in the first weeks of his presidency.

Throughout the course of the campaign, Republicans often expressed serious and sincere concerns regarding the consistent gaffes the former vice president has made and the obvious cognitive decline he exhibited. However, one of the most contention areas of Joe Biden’s presidency is whether he has any ability or desire to keep China’s aggression, both economic and military, in check.

Biden’s history with the communist country doesn’t instill confidence as he has continually been an apologist for the dictatorial country often downplaying their threats and even claiming their rise on the global stage would be good for the world and the United States.

In fact, during the last presidential campaign, President Biden took a shot at former president Trump by mocking the real economic threat China poses. However, Biden suddenly changed his tune yesterday. What makes this flip-flop truly remarkable is the exact same language the current president used.

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Biden says he spent two hours on the phone with Xi Jinping – “If we don’t get moving, they’re going to eat our lunch”During the campaign, Biden said, “China’s going to eat our lunch? C’mon, man!”

“Eat our lunch” is a phrase previously used to bash Trump; therefore, you’d think he would have remembered using it. However, hes now using it to point out that China is indeed going to eat our lunch if we don’t do something. The gaslighting from the Left continues and now it is reigning down on us from the highest office in the land and an admission that Trump was right–again.

This is becoming commonplace with Biden and Trump. It would save him a lot of time if he would just give credit where credit is due. Just like on vaccinations, the Biden administration has basically realized that following the path laid out by trump is the right course of action. Of course, they’ll never admit that and will likely dress it up in a lot of dishonest misdirection. But in the end this is Trump’s legacy that we are seeing continue to play out each day.

As it relates to China, it’s obvious Biden has delayed any major changes in policy, hiding behind the idea that he’s “simply taking his time to get a good plan together.” Yesterday in her press briefing, Circle Back Jen Psaki confirmed this by saying “they’re in no hurry.” Why would they be? It’s not like China is the biggest geopolitical threat the United States has seen in decades, right?

However, you would think a man who was running for president would already have a plan and, if they were the media of old, wouldn’t rest until they forced a plan out of the Biden campaign while he was a candidate. It’s quite obvious Biden doesn’t want to admit the oppositional posture toward China is actually a good plan of action.

Anyone who expects this to continue is probably insanely naive. Biden is eventually going to do what he always does and that is bend the knee to the CCP. When the rubber meets the road and push comes to shove, the Chinese are way to ingrained in our governance and our news media to just stay quiet. And, there’s the millions Biden’s family has invested in the communist nation with the dreadful human rights violations.

As things begin to pop off there will be a shift in their approach. Of course, that’s the price our country will pay for electing a bloviating gaffe machine with a severe drop off in mental cognition. Biden represents 50 years of doing the same old thing and, one shouldn’t expect any different from such a swamp creature.

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