COVID-19 Forced Vaccinations-NEVER let a perfectly good crisis go to waste! Part II


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WASHINGTON, D. — Let's recap: The Pandemic being used a method to trash the average citizens rights. And here are a few examples of other fine folks who are exploring this tactic.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE has a reputation for being one of the safest countries in the world, despite being located in a hotbed of political and ideological unrest. It consistently ranks in the top three safest countries year over year, periodic political attacks notwithstanding

And, of course, that comes at a heavy (handed) cost. People who push for safety over freedom seem to think, “So perhaps they have a less civil liberties … that’s a small price to pay.”

Except a little inspection will show that the general populace has NO civil liberties. None. Everything they do is at the benevolence and with permission of their government. The UAE is one of the most surveilled countries in the world as well. (Okay, I’ll admit car theft is nearly impossible to get away with. But so is not wearing a mask)

As the UAE is not a bastion of freedom anything they do in the way of overreach is hardly unexpected. So stories about how they are expanding their surveillance, post Covid, it’s not really a shocking event.

Dubai police also are experimenting with thermal helmet cameras for officers to check passersby’s temperatures. Malls and other business have implemented a variety of thermal image scanners. At Dubai International Airport, for instance, those coming in walk past a thermal scanner that also checks people for masks. Dubai’s Silicon Oasis neighborhood similarly has been tracking passersby with cameras.

Here is what is really got me eating the antacids: it is certain that other countries are watching. The UAE uses Chinese technology to fiddle around with surveillance enhancements and countries around the world are undoubtedly keeping an eye on its efficacy. They will keep those notes in their back pocket for future reference. Even if the “bad” guys are not responsible for the current COVID mess, I assure you that they are quietly paying attention. And taking VERY good notes.


In December, France pushed a piece of legislation that required mandatory vaccination to even access basic public services like transportation. Savage protests caused the measure to falter, but it wasn’t for lack of trying on the part of the government.

But France is nervous about its low vaccination numbers and is looking to impose vaccine mandates on those between the ages of 24 and 59.

Read that again: the government tried to make the vaccinations mandatory, they were rebuked by the populace, and they are trying it again. I suspect this time it will be less of a suggestion and more of a bovine-chute requirement.

Low vaccination numbers could be indicative of people’s general skepticism of the vaccine itself, but that’s of no concern to a government that is afraid to be last in the global race toward compliance.

The question is how would they go about the social engineering of making it happen?

(Quick aside: “Social Engineering” is a term used to describe behaviors that hurt people through stealing identities and other various illegal damage. As a result, most of us don’t EVER check the rest of the definition-which includes the use of psychological behaviors to influence a person’s decisions. If you think that it doesn’t work, or that it has limits, remember that the Japanese were able to convince people to fly planes into ships in the name of family honor. But that’s just them, right??)

The government is also considering introducing other measures aimed at increasing inoculation levels, such as sending doctors lists of unvaccinated people in order to encourage them to get the shots. France is also considering scrapping free ‘convenience’ Covid tests for unvaccinated people who wish to travel.

Hey! Let’s make it so uncomfortable to be unvaccinated that you finally suck it up? Centralized or universal services through government is a terrible idea because it seems to give a BUNCH of power to a very small group of people. The government giveth … and the government taketh away. With or without compensation; depends on their mood.

Think I am exaggerating? How many landlords are being compensated for lost revenue due to the eviction moratorium? I’ll give you some time to look that up. Hint: 4th and 6th seem pretty clear; what is also crystal is that the Federal Government will ignore the Bill of Rights if it bloody well feels like it.


Spain is getting quite bold with its emergency powers. As the government defines this COVID crisis as a state of emergency/matter of national security (my goodness, where have we heard this all too familiar prelude to tyranny before??), the proposal calls for the citizens to “cooperate” in suspending their rights to serve the ends of the government during that time, much the same way I might ‘cooperate' with a gun-wielding thug who wishes to alleviate some personal income inequality. If this action is inevitable, might as well shut up and enjoy it.

translation of the proposal:

“Any person of legal age shall be obliged to carry out the ‘personal obligations’ required by the competent authorities, following the guidelines of the National Security Council, when a state of crisis is declared in Spain. In this case, all citizens without exception must comply with the orders and instructions issued by the authorities.“

The translated coverage from the publication “El Pais” goes on to say:

In the event that a state of crisis is declared in Spain (‘situation of interest to National Security’ is the name given by law), the authorities may also proceed to the temporary requisition of all types of property, at the intervention or provisional occupation of those that are necessary or the suspension of all kinds of activities.

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This obligatory “cooperation” applies to individuals, businesses, and also the press. (You know, the guys that might be able to get a warning out if the Gum’ment starts to overreach its mandates).

Individuals’ rights would be suspended and controlled, corporate property and policy would yield to the state, and the press would avail itself to only pushing out the state’s messages or propaganda to the masses.

Of course there will be “compensation” that would flow once the dust settles. Man, what a relief.

What comes to mind is: MASS EXPROPRIATION.

If you think that can’t happen here, might want to take a peak at Eminent Domain-specifically Kelo v. City of New London; a fast recap is the city took land from a private owner against his wishes and then transferred it to ANOTHER private owner ” … becau$e it wa$ in the “be$t intere$t of the community.”

And the second private owner would pay a heck of a lot more in property taxes.

Strange; the law reads for “public,” not private. But I guess if there is a benefit for the public AT ALL then this form of seizure applies. See Eviction Moratorium above.

The UAE is past the proposal stage in their surveillance agenda, but France and Spain are still going through their “democratic protocols” to allow everyone the chance to cheerfully vote in favor-and only in favor-to push these agendas forward.

The US and Canada still see examples of state and provincial level governments reluctant to let go of their emergency powers as well.

As Milton Friedman to succinctly put it: “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.”

I don’t know why in the world people would upset about such cheerful, helpful government vaccination program.

Of course, it’s pretty friendly now.

I am suspecting that-a little later-the requests might become a little more insistent.

Followed by forceful.

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