Choke Point 2.0


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WASHINGTON, D.C.– Cancel culture at the helm.

Dear Tucker: I realize that you are concerned about the NSA possibly spying on you.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a few others ways that the US Government might begin to mute you. For example: If you think that you can’t have your personal and business financial accounts shut down based on your political views, you’re wrong.

But that wasn’t the case during the last part of the Trump administration, because his OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) enacted special legislation to protect you against that treatment.

Benjamin Zycher wrote “The central value of the Trump rule was straightforward: Far from constraining the lenders, it imposed a short leash on the bureaucrats and politicians, in that new efforts to politicize lending could be challenged in court by the prospective borrowers disfavored by government officials,”  

That legislation document was removed from the web because the current administration, under Biden, is wiping out the protections provided by the Fair Access rule.

That means your bank account (or other means of collecting money) could be shut down if your financial institution (or even someone there) doesn’t like your political views.

Reasonable, considering that a friend just had a job interview canceled because of a Conservative website that he operates.

Behold Operation Choke Point 2.0

I warned about the first version of Operation Choke Point, started by the Obama administration in 2012 and how it was a major concern of mine a year or so ago.

The encroachment on your liberties attributed to that version should have ended via a FDIC settlement in 2019.

But it didn’t (!).

The current POTUS immediately put a hold on the former administration’s last ditch effort at financial freedom in the U.S. with the Fair Access rule.

With that pause, Biden paved the way for a repeat of Operation Choke Point, let’s call it version “2.0,” which has taken a swipe at free speech platform Gab.

According to the company:

“There’s no reason to believe this politics-based financial blacklisting operation isn’t going to rapidly expand,” writes Chris Menahan.

That expansion means a Maoist-style “struggle session” with your financial institution will likely next. If you are not a Biden-Harris supporter, I surmise.

(From 1958-1969, Chairman Mao Zedong started a deadly “Great Reset” and “Cultural Revolution” that killed millions of people. Power-drunk rulers like Mao could not allow any dissent, so he stifled resistance by military force and the acquisition of dissenter’s assets.)

Of course, your financial institution isn’t likely to have a “red guard” to drag you into the middle of the street for a struggle session, like Mao did with those that didn’t conform.

But imagine the stress if you woke up one morning and found out your financial institution closed your account because of your politics. No credit cards, no withdrawals. Not sure how long it would take for teh bank to release your existing funds, but I will place a bet that it wold be after an “investigation” of some sort.

And, like Gab, you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street and open an account at a different bank. Due to your name appearing on a centralized black list, they simply wouldn’t let you open an account.

If one thinks about it, this would for all practical purposes put you out of business or at least shut down your social presence.

We have already witnessed it act as a de facto suppression with Twitter refusing to keep certain accounts open; Facebook and YouTUbe have also followed this disturbing trend.

Now, BitCoin and cryptocurrency might provide some relief, but I assure you that the gum’ment has these in its' sights as well.

“Capitalizing on the trend of cancel culture, a return of Operation Choke Point would devastate an already damaged country,” writes Kelsey Bolar.

But the Biden administration has already reversed multiple Trump policies and seems dead-set on putting America (and Americans) last. In fact, most of the orders seem to be more focused on undoing ‘Darth Cheeto' than they EVER have been concerned with anything that might actually help.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been about 150 days since Biden took office, and that he has caused this much damage during just this short time.

I can’t even imagine what the country will look like in 4 years.

But you can, Tucker. And I suspect that this insight might be something that they would rather keep off of the radar.

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