Biden’s latest gaffes continue to show he is unfit for office


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Charlotte, NC — This week brought us another week of Joe Biden taking naps in his basement as he avoided campaigning ahead of several big events. Other than planned statements by his mainstream media partners and social media teams, Biden has largely been quiet. That has not left us without some entertaining gaffes in the few times he has appeared.

The first video comes courtesy of RNC Research on Twitter. Joe Biden was making a statement and had issues with his teleprompter apparently.

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Joe Biden says he got to the Senate 180 years ago

At least Biden is admitting that he has been in Congress far too long. Biden’s comments on being in office for 180 years show he is incapable of thinking for himself. He can only read what his handlers write for him to say.

The second two statements to consider that surfaced again this week were previous statements. They show that Biden is a liar and a typical two-faced Democrat. The first comes from The Washington Times.

The Washington Times ran an article on Friday where it had fact-checked a previous statement by Biden from 2019. In the comments, Biden said he had jumped started his education at Delaware State University. The only problem is that there is no record of Biden attending the historically black school.

In his comments, he said that Delaware State was his folks and he did not want to hear anything bad about them. Biden did not attend the school but did make two keynote statements there according to school sources. It’s another example of how Biden makes up things as he goes along, pandering for votes.

The final video that surfaced this week is of Biden making negative comments about US Military members. The campaign has said that the statements were made “jokingly” and the mainstream media gave Biden a free pass. They certainly did not give Trump such treatment when there was only the suggestion he said something.

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Newly resurfaced video shows Joe Biden calling servicemembers “stupid bastards”

The mainstream media continues to refuse to hold Biden accountable. Biden continues to have issues appearing for campaign events. He has issues forming logical sentences. He’s even struggling to read a teleprompter now.

While the mainstream media continues to prop up Joe Biden and attempt to tear down President Trump, the American public is seeing the truth. Polls show the race tightening and only the oblivious are considering voting for Joe Biden. President Trump may not be a perfect man, but who is?

It certainly is not Joe Biden, who is willing to lie, cheat, and steal his way to the Presidency on the backs of the mainstream media. The difference between the two should easily show in the upcoming Presidential debates.

Joe Biden insists that he is not worried about the upcoming debates. He says that President Trump is not smart and he is prepared. It’s very clear that Pelosi and other Democrats are concerned about Biden debating Trump. Biden even admitted that Pelosi had a point to avoid the debates.

The first Presidential debate is set for Tuesday, September 29th. It will take place in Cleveland, Ohio with Chris Wallace moderating.

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