Biden Set To Attack Voting Rights in Speech on Tuesday


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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, President Joe Biden is set to take the stage in Philadelphia to give a speech and attack voting rights once again. His speech comes on the heels of Democrats in Texas fleeing the state to avoid doing their jobs and voting on a bill in the state legislature.

Democrats are hopeful that the publicity stunts will help them turn the tables on the argument that is a deep dividing point among Americans. Democrats are pushing to remove any barriers to voting, in a measure that would see significant increases in illegal voting, ballot harvesting, and further the concerns of election integrity for Conservatives. They claim that Republican moves to secure voting will prevent voters from having access to vote.

According to the LA Times, Biden is set to claim that the GOP measures are another step of repression of voters. The LA Times article also shared a Democratic operative who said this may be Biden's last measure to turn the talking points in regards to the midterm elections where they fear Democrats are poised to lose control of either the House or Senate or potentially both.

Democrats continue to push to try and pass their federal overhaul of elections, essentially federalizing elections. The measure would remove states from many of the processes, forcing them into federal compliance.

This move would be restrictive of states' rights and give significant power to the federal government. Such a move would be detrimental to the long-term viability of our free nation.

The move Tuesday is purely an attempt to pass the blame to Republicans by Biden, who is seen largely ineffective on the issue by many among his own party. Many have grown frustrated with the refusal to remove the filibuster to pass the federal elections law.

More moderate Democrat Senators have been hesitant to change the filibuster rules throughout the Biden administration and seem unlikely to do so to pass this measure. Activist groups continue to hold events in an attempt to pressure them into the move. The move for some, like Sen. Joe Manchin, could prove costly in their home states that are more red than blue.

It's clear that the Democrats intend to take this fight to the mainstream media and let the media do what it does best. Expect multiple coverages and pushes about the issue this week. Especially as Texas Democrats are in DC avoiding their jobs representing the people of Texas.

Expectations are that the Democrats intend to use this as a launching point for their election battle for 2022. It is not expected that the Democrats force change in the Senate to pass the measure, but instead want to keep the topic fresh with the help of the mainstream media.

While conservatives are more focused on preserving freedom and America as we know it, Democrats continue their focus on power and elimination of any hope of freedom in the future.

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