Biden Regime Appears to Ignore Haiti After Offering Assistance


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Washington, DC — On Wednesday, President Joe Biden called the assassination of Haitian President Moise Jovenel “heinous.” In his comments, he also said, “The United States offers condolences to the people of Haiti and we stand ready to assist as we continue to work for a safe and secure Haiti.”

But it looks like Haiti is about to learn the Biden double speak just as Americans have.

Haiti's interim leader officially requested US and UN help with securing critical infrastructure. Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph told The Associated Press that they definitely needed help and believed that international partners could help the nation.

The country is in the middle of absolute turmoil based on the reports from the AP and NPR. Citizens are begging to escape and the interim government faces a battle as lawmakers are divided on who to recognize as the legitimate leader.

But Biden does not appear interested in helping the nation. He has offered assistance from the FBI and DHS to help investigate the crime, but has so far ignored the request to help stabilize the nation with security. Sources told The Hill that security requests were just generically mentioned, but that seems to have changed in the past 2 days.

It's not the first time the Biden regime has ignored Haiti either. The Biden regime has ignored Haiti throughout Biden's first term, leading Russia to step in and offer to help train security forces and establish political stability in the nation.

Yes, you read that correctly. Russia has offered and is interested in establishing a stronger relationship with Haiti. Let that sink in.

Russian propaganda is already spreading the “concern” about how Americans may be linked to the assassination of the Haitian president. As the US continues to ignore the requests of the Haitian government, it opens the door for Moscow to step in.

Russian influence in the nation of Haiti would give the nation two strong allies in the region and in close proximity to the US. Russia already maintains close relations with Cuba. Am I the only one that can see the potential concern in this?

Apparently, our President does not. Especially given that the mainstream media, the Democrat's propaganda partner here in the US, is more focused on the Biden regime's work on cybersecurity with Russia. Behind the scenes, Russia is advancing its work to expand its global influence.

We have reported multiple times about Russia and China partnering on ventures and even the recent reports about potential attacks on Hawaii by both. It appears that Biden has no concern over Russia expanding its influence across the world.

Perhaps Hunter has some business interests tied to Russia expanding its global influence.

I am certainly not an advocate for sending troops out if it is not warranted. In this instance, it seems important to US interests, security, and influence to give some assistance to Haiti. It's one thing to help determine those behind an assassination, but it's an entirely different situation to give Russia free reign and influence in another nation so close to the US.

Everyone should pay close attention to what the Biden regime does with Haiti in the coming weeks. If they continue to ignore Haiti, Russia and others will step up to help.

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