Biden on Trump: God I miss him!


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Charlotte, NC — In his first press conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden was asked about several different subjects. No doubt the news will be filled with many of his responses and our website will have more coverage as well.

One specific comment caught attention when Joe Biden was pressed about former President Donald Trump, he made an interesting comment. He seems to share the same sentiment as many Americans across the country. Biden made the comment “my predecessor, God I miss him.”

The comments by Biden can be seen in the press conference video below which was around 30 minutes into the event.

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When asked about his predecessor and running for re-election, President Biden says “Oh God, I miss him.”

The comments were made as Biden was pressed about his reelection campaign. Biden said that he expects to be running for office again in 3 years, but that it was too far in the future to plan at this point. He corrected a second reporter who asked for confirmation and said that he was simply making a suggestion.

The reporters were pressing Biden on why he has yet to set up the commission to seek reelection. Former President Trump quickly set up the necessary teams for reelection, which Biden said Trump needed to with a chuckle. Biden also said he would expect that Vice President Kamala Harris would be on his ticket should he decide to run again.

Biden entertained the press with the thought of a second term, but he did not go so far as to confirm he would run again.

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