Biden Attacks Gov. DeSantis in an Attempt to Weaken Him


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Tallahassee, FL — Democrats continue to show their irrational ‘crazy’ when it comes to the state of Florida. The Left continues praising the murderous Andrew Cuomo of New York’s disastrous COVID handling response, but Ron DeSantis continues to bear the brunt of their ire despite doing significantly better by every measurable objective.

Now, in a move that is likely illegal, Joe Biden’s administration is planning on barring domestic travel by specifically targeting The Sunshine State.

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NEW: The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearful that coronavirus mutations are threatening to reverse hard-fought progress on the pandemic.

It is worth noting that no decision has been made yet, but the fact that his is even being considered is beyond ludicrous on the surface. Should Biden stop domestic travel in order to slow the spread of COVID and any possible new variant strains, logic would indicate he would target places like California and Gomorrah that continues to see cases rise and not a state like Florida that has seen a 50% reduction in cases the last few weeks.

The DeSantis administration has done a fantastic job balancing health concerns of their citizens and weighing those factors against the economic impacts on the same individuals over the last year. There is no science behind the idea that their actions represent some unique danger in the country. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Regardless, this idea must be unconstitutional and, even the remote possibility of it transpiring, cannot be ignored. Since when does the federal government have the power to stop domestic travel between the states? I can understand no-fly lists, bans on certain individuals from terrorist hotbeds being disallowed from entering the US, but not this. There is little doubt this action would be attempted under the emergency powers, but it still would likely not survive a court challenge, nor should it.

Consider for a moment if former president Trump had done this. There would be literal hell to pay and the man would be impeached for an unprecedented third time. As such, if a president can literally tell you that you can’t travel to another state, then there’s essentially no limit to the power of the executive branch. This throw checks and balances so far out of whack it would be disastrous.

On it’s face, and without spending too much thought on the matter giving it any validity, this must be blatantly illegal. Moreover, it would also be a drastic and partisan move by a deeply dementia-addled and senile president who likely can’t even tell you what executive order he would be signing if it cross his desk.

Finally, just looking at the politics of it, this is a terrible, no-good, very bad idea, too! DeSantis is a popular governor and many on the Right have paired his name with the likes of former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley or current South Dakota governor Kristi Noem as being a dynamic presidential and vice presidential ticket in 2024. One could also see the appeal of pairing a the current governor of a Republican state like Florida with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Florida and Texas on a ticket together reflects strength, economic diversity, and values from its people that are reflected throughout the nation.

Regardless of the order, each of these tickets would be serious contenders against Biden/Harris. Senator Cruz was the only other Republican presidential candidate in 2016 to have success against then candidate Donald Trump. But if Biden does this, especially if the Left’s goal is to stop DeSantis before he gains steam toward what looks like an inevitable 2024 White House bid, this would be the opposite of what the Left should be doing.

DeSantis has the upside of Trump in that he doesn’t back down from a challenge and will push back against what he deems to be unfair attacks. What’s more, DeSantis doesn’t possess the downside that president Trump has either as the Florida governor picks and chooses what, how, and who he attacks carefully, and he does it with grace, elegance, and eloquence.

If the Left wants to screw this up for themselves and at the same time catapulting an excellent governor into the spotlight then far be it for me to stand in their way. Personally, I sincerely hope they overstep here and pay the price.

A price that costs them the White House coupled with the news breaking today indicating the GOP’s plans to attack 47 seats in the House they believe are the most vulnerable to take back the majority in 2022.

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