Trump Calls Kamala Harris a ‘Monster’ in His Debate Response: ‘Everything She Said Is a Lie’


President Donald Trump called Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris of California a “monster” during his assessment of Wednesday’s debate between Harris and Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump phoned in to Maria Bartiromo’s “Mornings with Maria” show on Fox Business, and made it clear what he thought of Harris.

“And this monster who was on stage with Mike Pence — who destroyed her last night, by the way — but this monster, she says, ‘no no, there won’t be fracking,’ there won’t be this. Everything she said is a lie,” Trump said.

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During the debate, Pence said that the process of hydrofracking, a method of extracting oil and natural gas from shale bedrock, would be ended if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is elected.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to raise taxes. They want to bury our economy under a $2 trillion Green New Deal, which you were one of the original co-sponsors of in the United States Senate. They want to abolish fossil fuels and ban fracking, which would cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs all across the Heartland,” Pence said.

When Harris said Biden “has been very clear” that he would not end fracking, Pence disagreed.

“You yourself said on multiple occasions when you were running for president that you would ban fracking. Joe Biden looked his supporter in the eye and pointed and said, ‘I guarantee, I guarantee that we will abolish fossil fuels,’” Pence said.

Trump said Biden and Harris have flip-flopped on fracking.

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“He was fracking. He was raising his very thin hand and he was fracking. And now all of a sudden, he’s not fracking. Well tell the Pennsylvania people that you’re going, it’s ridiculous. He said, he’s not fracking. That’s all he said. And then all of a sudden, he goes to a fracking mode,” Trump said.

“And how about her? She committed her life to it. And all of a sudden she’s a fracker. She’s a big fracker. They going to stop fracking the minute they get into office, they’re lying to everybody. They’re lying about so many different things.”

Trump also said Harris was a disaster during the debate.

“I thought that wasn’t even a contest last night,” Trump said.

“She was terrible. I don’t think you could get worse. And totally unlikable. And she is. She’s a communist. She’s left of Bernie,” he added.

“She’s rated left of Bernie by everybody. She’s a communist. Are we going to have a communist?”

Trump followed that up by offering his assessment on Biden’s stamina.

“Joe’s not lasting two months as president,” Trump said.

“He’s not mentally capable of being president. You know that, everybody knows that, everybody that knows him. He can’t be president,” the president also said.

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