Report: Trump To Continue Campaigning After Election To Keep Supporters’ Morale Up


Facing the possibility that the presidential election may not be over when Election Day ends, President Donald Trump’s campaign could continue Trump rallies in the aftermath of the election as votes are being counted, according to a new report.

Because some states have sent mail-in ballots to millions of voters, officials have said that Americans may not know who won the presidential election on Tuesday and that the process of counting ballots might stretch on for days.

While America waits, Trump and his campaign surrogates might continue to travel the nation to keep up the morale of supporters, according to a report in Politico.

The report did not name its sources, but instead said it was based on information from “a campaign surrogate and two Trump advisers” who were not named.

In addition to boosting the hopes of his supporters, rallies might offer Trump a platform where he could speak about the election results and the process as it plays out.

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“Don’t miscount the fact that Trump will continue to do rallies while they’re still counting votes,” Politico quoted an alleged advisor to the campaign.

A reported aid told Politico that “discussions about travel opportunities for Trump and his family if we don’t have a result on election day, but nothing definitive on where he would go or how many people we would deploy.”

The source indicated some key states might get a visit if no winner is declared by Wednesday.

“If we still don’t have results in Michigan and North Carolina or Pennsylvania and Nevada on Nov. 4, he might hit those states individually,” the aide said.

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Politico reported that the Trump campaign did not comment on the speculation.

Trump rallied supporters Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

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“When can you recall that a president literally comes to your backyard,” said Savannah Valasquez of Butler, according to WTAE-TV.

“He cares about the people. He’s the people’s president.”

Her daughter didn’t mind giving up candy to see Trump.

“We could do [trick-or-treating] every year. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Trump’s supporters said there is no one else like him.

“Donald has been all over the country doing four or five of these a day,” said Dan Kummer of Butler.

“Nobody has ever done that before so, I think he’s for us.”

“I’m just so excited to be a part of this,” said Chris Double of East Brady. “He’s patriotic. He does what he says he’s going to do. He’s enthusiastic and he’s not a typical politician.”

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