Checkpoint New York: Gov. Cuomo Announces Mandatory Quarantine, Testing for Out-of-State Travelers


Anyone entering New York state must have proof they are COVID-free, according to a new edict promulgated Saturday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to the new rules, anyone who enters New York must be ready to provide proof of a negative test within three days of arriving, according to the New York Post.

Visitors then have to go into quarantine for three days and be found negative after a COVID-19 test on the fourth day if they want to do whatever they came to New York state to do.

A visitor who fails that test must go into isolation for two weeks.

Anyone who does not want to be tested gets 14 days in quarantine under the rule.

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It covers everywhere except New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

“Those who commute to New York between bordering states are not required to be tested each trip,” according to the New York Post.

“Four days plus three days is seven days, and that’s basically, by all probability, the incubation period,” Cuomo said.

New York state residents who venture out of state must be tested within four days of their return if they are gone for 24 hours.

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If they are gone longer than that, they are treated the same as any other visitor.

The new rules take effect Wednesday, according to ABC News.

Enforcement relies on individual compliance through the completion of questionnaires, CNN reported.

State health officials will be based at airports to meet travelers coming from states with high infection rates, according to WCBS-TV.

Upon arrival, travelers will have to tell state officials, who will seek to confirm test results, where they are staying for purposes of contact tracing.

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“Officials say travelers who refuse to fill out the form after arriving from a hot spot state could face a $2,000 fine along with a mandatory quarantine,” WCBS reported.

Cuomo’s new rules prompted a reaction on Twitter:

“Thanksgiving is going to be complicated,” Cuomo said, referring to students who may return from any colleges that are holding in-person classes.

“People think they are safe if they are with people they know. Just because they’re your family doesn’t mean they’re safe from COVID.”

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