Breaking: President Trump’s Doctor Gives Coronavirus Health Update


President Donald Trump’s doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, provided a health update on Saturday.

“This morning the president is doing very well,” the Navy commander said.

“At this time, the team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made,” Conley said. “Thursday he had a mild cough with some nasal congestion, fatigue, all of which are now resolving and improving.”

Conley also noted that Trump has been fever-free for 24 hours.

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Trump previously revealed Thursday night on Twitter that he had tested positive for the coronavirus.

What you need to know

  • Trump was taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday evening, just a day after he tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • Trump gave a personal health update via Twitter on Friday night, saying things are “going well, I think”
  • Conley said that the decision to move Trump to Walter Reed ultimately came on the suggestion of the doctor and his medical team.

What we need to find out

  • After recent COVID-19 diagnoses among key Republicans, will more high-profile figures reveal a potential diagnosis? If so, could this affect the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett?
  • There still isn’t a concrete timeline for Trump to resume his normal duties.

While the timing of Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis is far from ideal, the coronavirus thankfully appears to be having a minimal impact on the president.

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